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AMPUS Screwless RDA • 24.5mm

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The AMPUS Screwless Two Post 25mm RDA by AMPUS has a revolutionary screwless, two post build deck with spring loaded terminals alongside dual adjustable side and bottom airflow capability. The spring loaded terminals have a clamping space of 3mm by 2.5mm and the 7mm deep juice well allows for more juice to be retained within the atomizer. Airflow enters the AMPUS Screwless RDA via two types: the side lightening bolt shaped airslots (special edition has ohm shaped side airslots) allow airflow in through the side, while bottom vortex 45 degree airflow allows airflow to enter at the bottom and be redirected below the coils. Both types of airflow capability can be fully closed for user versatility. A 10mm wide bore 810 drip tip is included with the AMPUS Screwless RDA and can be of either delrin or acrylic material. The AMPUS Screwless Two Post 25mm RDA is a unique rebuildable dripping atomizer with high performance capabilities.

Prewound coils available here

Cotton available here

Product Features:
25mm Diameter
Screwless Two Post Build Deck
Spring Loaded Terminal
3mm by 2.5mm Clamping Space
7mm Deep Juice Well
First Layer Silver Plated, Second Layer Gold Plated Posts
PEEK Insulation
Minimizes Heat Transfer
Heat Resistant
High Performance Oriented
Dual Adjustable Side and Bottom Airflow
Side Lightening Bolt Shaped Airslots
7mm by 4mm Each Airslot (Tallest and Widest Point)
Bottom Vortex 45 Degree Airflow
Redirected Below Coils
9mm by 3mm Each Airslot
Proprietary 10mm Wide Bore Drip Tip
Delrin or Acrylic
Post Compression Tool
Stainless Steel Construction
Gold Plated 510 Connection

Product Includes:
  • One AMPUS Screwless Two Post 25mm RDA
  • One Proprietary 10mm Wide Bore Drip Tip - Delrin or Acrylic
  • Spare O-Rings

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