Adam Bomb Eliquid


Born and Brewed in Southern California from US Food Grade ingredients.

Adam Bomb adds a unique twist to each of their simple, clean flavors. Ultimately, Adam Bomb is about the essence of what makes our tongues sing and our hearts flutter: flavor purity. Their VG/PG ratio varies by flavor (between 70%-79% VG) based on the strenuous research and development of the folks in the liquid lab.

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Nectar - Nectarine Bubblegum

Creamy Strawberry - Sweet Strawberries & Cream

Mama's Cookies - Fresh Baked Cookies out of the Oven

Strawberry Lemonade - Refreshing Strawberry Lemonade

Paradise - Tropical Guava

Cocobutter Bomb - A sweet and delicious Butterscotch Coconut

Sanctuary - Combination of coffee and caramel

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