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Find Vaping Supplies Online in Australia to Learn the DIY Side of Vaping

Many are aware that vaping has become the new thing both in terms of being a replacement for smoking and creating a unique subculture of modern society. Those who are uninitiated, though, are perhaps unaware how invested many get into vaping. E-cigs are no longer thin pieces of plastic that you buy at the gas station that last as long as a pack of cigarettes before you have to throw it out. That was just the first stage of their development. Next came being able to refill your e-cig, purchasing only juice instead of a new device every time. Today there exist thousands of makes, models, and juices to mix and match to your heart’s content. The most intriguing element of vaping supplies in Australia has been the emergence of build kits, online and in physical stores, that allow users to customise their vaping experience fully.

Vaping Supplies in a Build Kit

Build kits, such as the Coil Master DIY Tool Kit available on our website, are designed to help users construct their own coils so they no longer have to purchase new atomisers all the time. The atomiser contains a coil that is cushioned by cotton. The e-cig juice moistens the cotton and, when the e-cig is in use; the coil is heated, turning the juice that has soaked through the cotton into vapour.

Why would someone wish to construct their own coil when you can just purchase new atomisers? The first reason is cost. Atomisers aren’t terribly expensive, but then again neither is a pack of cigarettes. Both have the potential to add up over time. Building your own coils allows you to reduce this regular cost, allowing you to devote more of your e-cig budget to finding the perfect flavour. The second reason is that building your own coils gives you full control over your vaping experience. Kits typically include pliers, tweezers, scissors, an ohm metre, and a coiling kit. This allows you to manually determine the amount of resistance and power you want your vape to have.

What if You Are New to Vaping and Aren’t Sure What You Need?

If you are just getting into vaping or haven’t yet but are considering it, building your own coils probably isn’t the best place to start. It isn’t that building is all that difficult, but it is a good idea to get a feel for what you enjoy in your vape hit before you try to build your own. The easiest way to learn is to try one out. If you have friends that vape, consider taking a few drags to see how it feels. Most who are a part of the vaping community in Australia should be able to point you in the right direction.

If you do not feel comfortable enough in your vaping knowledge to order your first round of vaping supplies online, do not hesitate to stop by our physical store in Daylesford, Victoria. Our representatives would be happy to welcome you to the wonderful world of vaping by finding you exactly what you need.