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Learn the Intricacies of Vaping at our Physical Location or by Ordering Vape Supplies Online in Australia

While most of you are probably pretty familiar with vaping by now. Be it from seeing the one-time-use vapes at the gas station for the past ten years or from Leonardo DiCaprio’s now controversial use of his vape at various awards ceremonies, vapes are becoming mainstream. You may not be aware of the variety of options available to the vaping community. With celebrity endorsements and near-universal availability, it is time to accept that vaping is here to stay and to grow and evolve. What started with simple, one-time-use vapes quickly evolved to low wattage devices that could be refilled. From there, the sub-ohm class of higher wattage vapes emerged along with a wide variety of flavours and nicotine levels. Now vaping has reached the point where the sky is the limit when it comes to vape supplies. It has even become popular for consumers to buy DIY kits for coils and assemble or even build their own vapes from the various available resources.

What Vape Supplies You Need to Start Vaping Today

The easiest way to get everything you need to start vaping today is to go to a physical vape shop and discuss with an employee your current smoking habits and what you are trying to achieve by picking up vaping. At Victory Vape in Australia, we have one such store in Daylesford, Victoria.

In general, those new to vaping pick up starter kits that include a basic set up of everything you need. The basics include a body/battery, a tank, a coil, a charger, and some juice. The battery and body determine the strength of the wattage that you wish to heat the juice to. Higher wattage means a stronger, more intense hit that will burn through your juice faster. The coil provides resistance to the wattage and is measured in ohms. Coils may range from 0.1ohm to as high as 3ohms. The higher the resistance, the weaker the hit and the slower the juice consumption. Finally, there is the juice, which is available at various levels designed to correspond to the level of hit you wish to experience or the amount of cigarette smoke you are used to consuming. The tank and charger are fairly self-explanatory. One contains the juice and the other recharges the battery.

Where to Find the Necessary Vape Supplies in Australia

As previously mentioned, there is a physical Victory Vape store in Daylesford, Victoria. If you are unable to make it to this location, though, you can also order our vape supplies online through our website. Particularly once you have your initial setup, there is little need to go to a physical store. It is helpful when you first pick up vaping to try a few different setups to get the feel you want out of your vape and to find flavours you like. Once you get the ball rolling, however, ordering vape supplies online will make your life easier and ensure that you never run out.