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Smoking is something that has plagued society for centuries. Ever since big tobacco companies emerged in almost a century ago, the problem has worsened. Smoking tobacco is awful for your health in any circumstance, and much worse so when companies load cigarettes up with a wide variety of chemicals even more harmful to your body than those that naturally occur in the tobacco plant. Designed to add to the already-addictive levels of nicotine in tobacco, cigarettes have been known to incorporate elements as distressing as rat poison. With that in mind, if you are in any way addicted to cigarettes it may be time to consider vaping as a viable alternative to your destructive habit.

Why People Come to a Vape Shop When They Are Trying to Quit Smoking

In the past decade or so, vaping has emerged in Australia as an alternative to cigarettes. Due to the similarity in the effect of vaping to smoking, many smokers who had previously tried everything from going cold turkey to patches to no avail are finding vaping a fantastic alternative. At Victory Vape, we seek to aid those still under the addictive grip of cigarette smoke to learn the joys and benefits of picking up vaping instead. We have a physical vape shop in Daylesford, Victoria and you can order all of our products through our vape shop online.

While there may not be quite enough data to conclusively determine all the reasons why vaping has proven more successful than other methods of quitting smoking, there are a few reasons we regularly hear from our customers. The biggest thing is that vaping is a lot more like smoking than putting a patch on your arm or chewing some gum. Vaping feels a lot like smoking. It is a physical act of breathing something in that gives you the same satisfaction.

Recreating the Experience of Smoking Without the Smoke

Where previous methods have been focused on simply supplying your body the necessary nicotine to satiate your urge, vaping takes into account the other aspects of smoking that make it so addictive. Since vaping offers such a similar physical experience, it carries over some of the elements that initially made smoking so popular. Vaping has become “cool” in the way that smoking used to be. A culture of vaping is forming that creates a similar camaraderie to smoking. Patches and gum would never have been able to replicate this.

If you have a strong relationship with your cigarettes at this point, it can be a hard thing to walk away from. With vaping, it feels a little less like abandoning your hobby than it does finding a new one to replace it. If this sounds like a step you would like to take, don’t hesitate to either order online to get your goods shipped anywhere from our vape shop in Australia.