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The Perfect Place for The Best Vape Kits Online in Australia

So, you have a friend who's starting to get into vaping, and you want to purchase them a smashing gift that has everything the modern vape aficionado would appreciate. Maybe you are trying to learn more but just don't know what's what when it comes to vape kits yet? What's in a vape kit, you wonder? What sort of things are included in a good beginner's vape kit? Where can you, the neophyte, find one that's right for you? At Victory Vape, Australia's source for vape kits online, we want you to be well informed, and would like to present you with our guide to vape kit basics.

What's in a Vape Kit?

A good vape kit is going to contain all the essentials for getting started on vaping, with the possible exception of the ejuice. Your standard vape kit will contain the actual vaping device, along with batteries, coils, and other vital accessories. So, how do you know which kit is best for you? It's a common question and one that relies heavily on the skill level of the individual you are purchasing the kit for.

Beginner Kits. If you're going to be getting something for someone new to the game, a low output device with an internal, non-replaceable battery would likely be the way to go. The device should have a Clearomiser as the easily replaceable coils will maximise safety and ease of use for the newcomer. It should function as a starter device, to let someone new to the concept of vaping find out whether or not it's right for them, and whether or not they'd be comfortable moving up to a more advanced device.

Intermediate Kits. For the individual a bit more familiar with e-cigs and a bit of experience under their belt in using one. The intermediate knows how to perform general upkeep on a vape, and how to go about fixing minor problems with a device. This user is ready to move on to sub-ohm vaping devices, which deliver increased flavour and vapour production. They are still easy to use, though, so there won't be much to worry about them getting in over their head with a new device like this.

Advanced Kits. Now we begin to tread into hardcore territory. The adept vaper knows how to get in there and tinker with a device, understands some electrical principles, and is ready to step into the world of modifying their vape. The adept user will likely be looking for a high-power and high wattage mods and devices to enhance and customise their experience. Rebuildable tanks, dripping atomisers, etc. These advanced vapers often use drippers or RDAs and mechanical mods. Be aware that beginners should not attempt to use these devices until they have a complete understanding of battery safety, Ohm’s Law, and the intricacies of working with high powered/low ohm circuits.

Master Kits. These are for the advanced vaper who has experience vaping and high-level technical knowledge. They understand all the workings of an e-cigarette and make use of numerous mods. They are fans of hybrid devices that incorporate a lot of delicate parts and require skill to work correctly. These power users continue to push the envelope and are constantly innovating in the vape community. Advanced users may build their own mods, wind their own coils, make their own juice, in fact they may invent a whole new innovative device. In fact, the word ‘mod’ came from the fact that early advanced users modified flash light parts to create mech mods.

Where to Find Vape Kits In Australia

When looking for high-quality starter vape kits in Australia, from beginner to advanced users, Victory Vape is a clear choice. We know that just getting started, vaping can be an overwhelmingly complex phenomenon, but we are accessible to explain all the intricacies, and answer any questions you might have. Check out our selection today to see our unparalleled variety!