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Getting the Most from Your Ecig Batteries and Tips on Extending Battery Life

The last thing you want is for your ecig battery to just quit on you right? Perhaps it's the second-to-last thing you want if you have some existential worries that have been eating at you, but in general, ecig batteries dying when you need them most is serious business. It makes sense then that getting the most out of your ecig's battery is a common topic of discussion among vape enthusiasts. Whether you have a mini, standard, or high-capacity battery, Victory Vape is happy to offer our tips on maximising ecig battery life that should be helpful for vapers of all skill levels.

Friendly Tips for Improving Ecig Battery Life

Keep Using It. Ecig's batteries work better when used regularly. The more you use them, the easier it is for power to move through the battery's cells. If you aren't using your battery daily, it's going to become harder for the battery to do its job, and as a result, it will die on you quicker. Your battery needs exercise just like you do!

Keep It Clean. The battery is exposed to all manner of dirt and grime. Not only from within the ecig in the form of oils and liquids, but also from what accumulates on our hands. A dirty battery can't perform as well as a clean one, so getting in there and giving your battery a little rub down will help you extend the battery life of your device. While you're in there, consider cleaning the threads where the battery attaches as well, this will further aid in keeping your battery healthy.

Don't Overfill. This goes hand in hand with keeping it clean. An excess amount of eliquid can spill out onto your battery and ruin it. Make sure you pour your liquid slowly and stop when you reach the tank's limit.

Store Properly. Dangers like direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and water can damage the battery, so make sure you keep it away from all of those things while storing it. Batteries usually come with cases, so make sure to use those, and keep the battery in a spot that's cool and dry. You'll also want to avoid storing batteries that have a charge under 50%. If your charge is less than 50% and you have the battery in storage, it will drain much faster.

Keep A Spare. There's no law saying you can't have more than one battery! It's prudent to have a few extra on hand and to rotate them when necessary. Keep your fully charged ones on hand, and let the others recharge while you are using the charged ones. Waiting for the battery to fully drain before recharging will damage its life expectancy.

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