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Staying Safe with E Cigarette Batteries, Tips for E Cigarette Battery Use

You've no doubt heard scare stories about e-cigarette batteries spontaneously combusting, causing fires, and being an unsafe menace bent on the complete annihilation of the human race, like an out of control plague (or a Pearl Jam album, take your pick). Thankfully, stories like this are a bit exaggerated, as an overwhelming majority of the accidents that have occurred so far have been avoidable. There's always a danger of any battery exploding, but by following some simple safety procedures, you can enjoy your vape responsibly, and avoid becoming a source of ridicule for a horrendous local news report.

E Cigarette Battery Basics

First things first, let's look at the rather commonly used lithium-ion battery cells. Close to all e cigarettes' batteries is lithium-ion. They are popular because of their ability to store more energy while using less separating materials, meaning they pack more power while staying more compact. They can be recharged, which helps reduce costs, and though they have always been subject to overheating, advances in technology have made it so that this is a rather rare occurrence.

Most lithium-ion batteries that spontaneously overheat nowadays are cheaper brands made from low-quality materials. Sticking to reputable suppliers for your batteries eliminates most of the risk of them failing on you. There's also a potential for batteries to vent when a vape is improperly modified, or overstressed, so knowing what one is doing is essential to safety.

Basic Safety Rules for E Cigarette Batteries

It's a simple set of procedures to follow to stay safe. Follow these rules when using your e-cigarette's battery: Use the correct charging equipment. Buy from a trustworthy supplier (like Victory Vape!). Charge your batteries on a hard surface. Turn the battery off when you aren't using it. Clean the battery and various components with a tissue and/or alcohol wipes. Avoiding things like over tightening your battery's attachment to the device, using damaged batteries, exposing the battery to extreme temperatures, leaving the battery unsupervised while charging, or allowing it to come into contact with water, will further increase your safety level.

So, all those fires that you may have heard about on the news were more often than not caused when users weren't following proper safety protocol. Some were using the wrong batteries or trying to modify their e-cigarette battery in a manner that was unsafe (soldering stuff to the battery is a bad idea, folks). If you can follow these basics, and not practically dare your battery to explode in your face by doing something foolish, then your worries about battery failure should be quite minimal.

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