Kanthal Wire - Round 20 gauge A1 - 10 metre spool


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Kanthal A1 Heat Resistance Wire - 0.8 mm Diameter (800 Micron or 20 AWG) - 10 Metre Spool

Spool Size - 10 Metres

Wire Thickness - 0.8 mm (800 Micron or 20 AWG)

Heat resistance - Up to 1400°C (2600°F) with a melting point of 1600°C

Kanthal A1 wire is well known around the world for its heat resistant properties.

It is also widely know for its suitability for coils in RDA/RBA/RTA atomisers
It has a high heat resistance - up to 1400°C (2600°F), with a melting point of 1600°C.
The wire will be sent on a plastic spool.

Brand: Kanthal
Unit: 1 spool
Material: Kanthal A1           
Size: Length 10m;Diameter 0.8mm
Wire Gauge: 20
Shipping weight: 15g
Great for sub-ohm builds

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