Kanthal Wire - Round 26 gauge A1 - 10 metres


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Kanthal A1 Heat Resistance Wire - 0.4 mm Diameter - 10 Metre Spool

Spool Size - 10 Metres

Wire Thickness - 0.4 mm (400 Micron or 26 AWG)

Kanthal A1 wire is well known around the world for its heat resistant properties.

It is also widely know for its suitability for coils in RDA/RBA/RTA atomisers
It has a high heat resistance - up to 1400°C (2600°F), with a melting point of 1600°C.
The wire will be sent on a plastic spool.

Brand: Kanthal
Unit: 1 set
Material: Kanthal A1           
Size: Length 10m;Diameter 0.4 mm
Wire Gauge: 26
Shipping weight: 25g

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