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JUUL - Why can't you get them in Australia?

April 06, 2019

JUUL - Why can't you get them in Australia?

A very common request we get is for JUUL pods a common vape device sold in gas stations and convenience stores across America. because of this it is a common starter device for many Americans and has gained interest in the Australian market from online reviews.

So why can't you find them here??

This is because JUUL devices use a pre-filled non refillable pod full of nicotine fluid.
Unfortunately in Australia no nicotine products other than Tobacco and Nicorette products can't be sold to the public. That means under current federal laws it is illegal to sell JUUL devices in Australia.

Don't stress yet more info on how to get nicotine below. 



Fear not! we have the solution!!

JUUL is a "pod" style vape device. there are over 50 pods systems on the Australian market available that are for the most part a better device with noticeable improvements. the biggest being they are refillable, meaning you spend less money on pods and have a more consistent vaping experience.
Other benefits include: bigger battery, larger juice capacity, many many shapes and sizes with a plethora of colour schemes.

Follow this link to have a look at some of the different styles!

If you need a supply of nicotine or nic salts you can now order hereon our New Zealand website and have it express delivered to your door via DHL shipping 



What if you really really really want a JUUL?

Then I'd recommend the  Vladdin RE kit, it is very similar to the JUUL in form factor the few differences being a longer lasting battery, and refillable pods meaning longer lasting, cheaper, plus you get to choose from over 1200 different flavours at Victory Vape!

Also the OVNS JC01 pod kit and cartridges are interchangeable with JUUL devices. They are compatible yet refillable and thus more environmentally friendly as well.
We all love the dolphins



What about other pods? whats the best? which one will suit you? 

That can be a difficult question to answer as it is just so personal.
There isn't a bad kit otherwise we wouldn't stock it but everyone will have a different preference on things like size, shape, flavour, and vapour production levels.
But here are the favourites of the Victory vape team.


The Orion Q 

Smaller than you think! This lightweight little champ will surprise you, If you are new to vaping the simplicity and form factor will have you vaping like a pro in minutes and last all day and night. If you're an experienced vaper the quality and flavour it can produce will catch you off guard. 



Sx mini Mi-Class

Sx mini being arguably the most reliable and high end company's in the vaping industry have there new pod system.

The SXmini Mi Class is made with high-level of craftsmanship, constructed with durable Stainless Steel materials and elegant paisley designs to provide a high-end feel at the palm of your hand. Powered by YiHi's latest SX290 chipset made specifically for pod system, the SXmini Mi has a wattage range of about 7 to 13W and an intuitive OLED display to showcase battery life, output power, and puff count. The Mi Class offers a phenomenal pod cartridge offering, integrating a 1.0ohm Ceramic Coil for a smooth recreation of flavors, completing a phenomenal vape masterpiece!