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Top Juices of 2018 so far!!

February 11, 2018

Top Juices of 2018 so far!!

One of the most asked question we get here at Victory Vape is, what is new or trending in our e-juice collection and what would we recommend ?

Bogan Brews!
First on my list for a few really good reasons, it is great on your coils, they last longer and taste great the whole way through, this is a very clean juice!
It's a simple range that isn't too complicated in flavour making it a safe bet.
I haven't met anyone that doesn't like a dash of the Aussie brew!


Sitting comfortably in second place is Stachio, probably one of the nicest ice cream flavours on the market, with the popping pistachio nut component rounding off the sweetness of the ice cream it's a brilliantly balanced vaping experience. With an exceptionally smooth mouth feel and flavour complexities it's a perfect step into the world of premium juice and a flavour you can't put down. 


The Holler!

Ever been chasing a juice that isn't sickly sweet? Something a little more enjoyable than a tobacco? Maybe something that goes with all your favourite beverages like Coffee, Whisky, beer, and wine? 
Well the Holler range is for you with super subtle flavour and very little sweetened notes and the real stand out is the barrel ageing process of steeping the e-liquid in french oak barrels for a year to better blend the juice, remove any unwanted perfume note and leave a distinctive oak note.
This juice is easy on the coil and heavy on satisfaction while being an ultimate contender for the best All day vape on the market.
This juice is all class from your first drop till your last it will have your curiosity peaked the whole time, It really is something refreshingly different and quite special.

For a limited run it's 28$ per 40ml barrel only at Victory Vape!  


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