Provari P3 can now fire sub ohm tanks down to 0.5 ohms! #vapeprovari June 06 2015, 0 Comments

Provape has upgraded the P3 firmware to allow vaping down to 0.5 ohms!

Victory Vape is an authorised upgrade centre, if you have a P3 that needs upgrading  you can get it here :)

Or you can bring it in the to the shop and we can do it on the spot!

Also new P3 versions available including Zombie, Tiffany Blue, Iced Stainless, and Vaporforce Stealth

The new firmware v38 has several upgrade features including:

The following changes were implemented in Version 38:

Support for .5 ohm tanks - The P3 now supports tanks at .5 ohms.

Low Battery Alert - When the device gets down to 18% left in the battery, the light will slowly flash yellow to alert you that it's getting low.

CheckAll (1 second) - The CheckAll feature now has the option to set it to 1 second. This allows for a quick look at your settings without leaving the display on for 5 or more seconds.

Battery Filtering - We have added some additional battery filtering to help with some problems reported by users saying the battery was empty when there was still energy left. Having the new spring and making sure all your connections are clean and tight is still what will fix this, but extra filtering will also help.

Various bug fixes

Money Saved Counter - This new feature allows you to set the price of a pack of cigarettes and the P3 will keep track of: How many cigarettes avoided, puff count, and how much money you have saved on cigarettes, based on the amount you set per pack. Every time you vape, this will keep track of your stats for these categories.

All new devices shipped as of 05/05/2015 already have the latest firmware installed.