Vaporshark rDNA 40W coming soon! January 09 2015, 0 Comments

Victory Vape is proud to bring you the new Vaporshark rDNA 40W! Our first stock is on the way so stay tuned for its arrival!

We will also be stocking Shark Skins for it, wireless charger stations, and coils for Aspire Nautilus and Mini and Kanger dual coils especially made with nickel wire for use with the temperature sensing controls!

Introducing the latest evolution of the Vapor Shark rDNA; now with the Evolv 40D board under the hood! In addition to the outstanding attributes of previous versions, this version introduces some new and radically different features, never before seen in an electronic cigarette. This rDNA is the most powerful, yet also the most efficient version ever released; providing up to 40 watts of power while actively conserving battery life. Incredibly, this device is able to seamlessly transition between using coils wrapped with traditional resistance wire (Kanthal, Nichrome) as well as Nickel wire. The use of Nickel wire allows this device to monitor and limit the temperature of the coil, meaning an end to charred wicks (when properly configured) and opening a new realm of possibilities for coil building. The term most frequently used to describe this new technology is "game-changing"; and to say that this device will do anything less than completely revolutionize the way we vape, would be an epic understatement.

New features include:

- Zip High Speed Charging
- Larger Screen
- Reverse Polarity Buzzer
- LG 2500mah 35A 18650 Battery
- Gold plated, Spring-loaded center pin
- Integrated wireless charging, with available Micro-USB port
- Matte Black
- Magnetic Battery Door