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Sign the Legalise Vaping Australia Senate Petition!

February 10, 2020

Sign the Legalise Vaping Australia Senate Petition!

Our friends and advocates at Legalise Vaping Australia are collecting signatures on a petition to be presented to the Senate. Please consider signing this and help us in our efforts to make nicotine vaping accessible for all. The current nicotine importation scheme works for many but not all, there are many elderly, disabled, those without credit cards, etc. that cannot access the harm reduction of vaping, and as a result continue to consume deadly and highly accessible tobacco. On a socio-economic level there are many that spend too high a proportion of their disposable income on tobacco, when they could save thousands a year from the much less harmful substitution of vaping. 

Currently vapers have to import their nicotine from overseas, this not only takes money offshore, it creates delays in shipping and more expense. Also, vapers are forced to handle higher concentrations of nicotine, which is far less safe than the lower concentrarions that could be accessed locally if accessible.

Australia is one of the only first world countries that does not allow the sale of nicotine eliquids, and as a result smoking rate declines have flattened here, and do not compare with the decline in smoking rates in other countries.

LVA (Legalise Vaping Australia) will be presenting this petition to the Senate, and we need as many signatories as we can get! It only takes about 10 seconds to sign and possibly insure your right to harm reduction from smoking!

Click here to sign!

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