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Disposable Vapes vs. Refillable Pod Devices

November 15, 2021

Disposable Vapes vs. Refillable Pod Devices

Here at Victory Vape we have hesitated to stock disposable vapes for several reasons:

1) We do not sell nicotine in any form in our Australian stores and customers cannot add imported nicotine to a disposable vape. We do carry a limited selection of 0mg (non-nicotine disposable vapes)

2) Disposable vapes work out to be far more expensive than a refillable pod style vape. Most disposable vapes contain only 2 or 3ml of eliquid, whereas a typical $25 bottle of Aussie made eliquid (made in certified labs) will fill a refillable pod device about 20 or 30 times

3) The quality of the eliquid in disposable vapes COULD be questionable, and is usually limited to a few flavours. By using a refillable device you have access to our 1200 plus flavours, all of which are made in certified labs to high standards. You can check out our complete selection of 0mg eliquids here: or if you need eliquids containing nicotine go to our New Zealand store here:

4) We do not like the environmental impact of disposable devices, why throw away a battery when it can be recharged and used for months to years?

5) Disposable Vapes are looked down upon by the industry because unscrupulous black market dealers sell them to underage vapers. WE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT SELL ANY VAPE TO ANYONE UNDER 18!

All that being said, to meet demand we do stock a limited supply of Zero Mg. Disposable Vapes for those who insist upon the convenience. We currently carry these devices

Dinner Lady 0mg 400 puff Disposables available here:

Yumi Bar 0mg 1500 puff Disposables available here:

We do not carry HQD, iGet, etc because they do not make a 0mg version and we abide by Australia Vaping Laws