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Accessing Nicotine for your Vape in Australia (New prescription laws)

November 11, 2021

Accessing Nicotine for your Vape in Australia (New prescription laws)

As of October 1st, 2021 the TGA and Australian Border Force now requires that you obtain a prescription for importing nicotine. As silly as this new law is (considering you can buy harmful tobacco and other nicotine replacement products WITHOUT a prescription) we do recommend you abide by these new regulations and obtain a prescription from either your doctor or from a site like

At Quit Clinics you can get your prescription very quickly (we got ours in less than 24 hours).

You can currently use FRIEND10 Discount code to get 10% off your prescription at Quit Clinics

When filling out the form, be sure to describe your vaping style accurately, for example whether you want to import premixed nicotine eliquids or whether you want to import concentrated 100mg nicotine to add to your eliquids you purchase in Australia. Describe the style of vape you typically use and how much you typically go through in a time period.

You will receive a prescription for a year's supply of nicotine for your vape, a 3 months supply with 3 x refills.

Once you have your prescription, save that on your phone or computer, and then you can upload it when making your order at  (You only need to upload it once per order). This will be attached to your package for Border Force / Customs to insure your package makes it through safely.

We apologise for the extra hoops the Australia government currently makes you jump through, but at least you can continue to stay ahead of tobacco and access the nicotine that we need for our vape.