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Vector RDA
By Vapour Lifestyles of Japan

From the same people who brought you the Vulcan RDA and the Ragnarok mech mod, the VECTOR RDA begins yet again with precision and quality! New in the Vector are eight vertical intakes, precisely angled and aligned to directly hover above the coil(s) build; sending a strong and focused airstream onto and around the coil(s). The result? A rich, dense mixture of air/flavor ‘scooped’ up as you pull through the wide-bore AFC drip-cap.

Also staying true to its tradition, all parts are machined from a solid rod of stainless steel. It retains its Signature Under-Passing juice well but now with large wire holes and spin-proof center post. The top-feed air chamber is a leak-free design that allows you to lay your setup down.
The Vector is a 22 mm (diameter) RDA with a mini-profile and top-fed airflow that is designed for dual coils. For similarly constructed RDAs, The Vector by VLS houses a slightly deeper-than-average juice well and it comes with a proprietary, solid-state “super wide-bore drip cap AFC” (a drip tip/cap/airflow controller in one).  Inside of the tip there is a removable mesh screen to minimize hot spit-back.


Full 303 stainless steel
Single solid-piece construction
Vertical top-feed air intake
Super wide-bore AFC drip cap
Leak-free design
Signature under-passing juice well
Large post holes
'Squircular' center post base
Pure red copper contact
Peek insulator
Unparalleled machining
  • The Vector by VLS
  • An allen key
  • 3 spare o-rings
  • 3 spare socket head screws
  • 2 spit-back mesh screens
  • Plastic gift box

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