P.O.E.T. Electronic Nectar • 30 ml 0 mg • 60VG/40PG


The Pursuit of Excellent Taste

 P.O.E.T. Industries Incorporated was a brain child of mine for quite some time.  It started in different fields of industry but it has always had the same acronym, Pursuit of Excellent…? The “T” I left as an open playing field. The first use was “Tone” because at the time, exploring guitars and amplifiers was our pursuit.

That transitioned into a time in which I was not able to smoke, a habit I had enjoyed for almost 30 years. I sought something to fill the nicotine void. I went to a liquor store and bought the cheap electronic stick cigarettes. It worked enough to get me off the analogs but I was going through one a day and it proved to be expensive.

Then I was fortunate enough to get to know the staff at Vaperev through a recommendation of a customer at my former job.  Quickly, I started upgrading and trying new products. It was still hard because at the time, quality ejuice was selling out fast. I was head deep and there was no return!

I decided to try my hand at DIY and make my own juice. I was spending a lot of time at a local bakery near home and decided to try and mimic the whole experience that I enjoyed having there. I took my first trials to Vaperev, where they were well received and liked. Within three to four months I had created five flavors and we were starting production. Subsequent to that, we were lucky to be a part of  ECC 2013 and given the reception there, it has not slowed pace.

I also strive to bring new flavor profiles that are unique and complex. I have a lot of ideas and continue to push my creativity to please the Vaping community.

Randy Freer (creator of P.O.E.T.)


Amaretto Nite Cap – Pear and Spiced Vanilla with an Amaretto Finish. I remember this experience from a restaurant visit where I was able to be introduced to a gourmet dessert and drink combo. Flambéed pears in a vanilla and brown sugar type tart, a flaky almond pastry crust, and top that off with a fine glass of Amaretto. It was amazing!


Americano Ciambella “American Donut” – This was created to mimic my old drive to work. A strong Maple start with blended creams and pleasing tobacco back on the finishing note. The old drive to work was the Maple bar, Bavarian cream, black coffee and an old analog.


Dolce Miele Crema “Sweet Honey Cream” – Created to bring some of the more exotic blends of honey to play. Sweet notes of honey along with some of the floral aspects of honey, combined with light blends of custard and creams to balance the honey, followed by a graham cracker finish.


Dolce Nero Te “Sweet Black Tea” – In the build of this flavor I wanted to create a lighter, refreshing drink that could become an ADV (all day vape!). Created with a fine black tea blend, regional fruits, sweet, but not too sweet, lemon to lift and brighten the creation, a light and delicate tobacco finish. P.O.E.T’s #1 Top seller!


Nonne Torta Al Limone “Grandma’s Lemon Cake” – This one was created as an homage to my Grandma’s special lemon cake recipe. The experience is awesome! A creation of a super sweet yellow lemon cake with a touch of lemon jello that keeps it super moist, and to top it off, a lemon and powdered sugar drizzle. As well, there is the faint hint of a light tobacco note on the finish.


Rotolo Di Zucca “Pumpkin Spiced Bourbon Roll” – My personal favorite. First introduced at ECC 2014. Built in the hopes of the coming holiday, I wanted to create the experience of sitting with family and friends, enjoying fresh pumpkin loaves, pies, and a fine glass of Bourbon, the sweet spicy side of cinnamon. Rich and decadent. By no means though, a seasonal flavor. Created to be enjoyed year round.


Torta De Arnicia “Orange Cake” – This flavor was my first official P.O.E.T creation. I was reminiscing about a visit to my local bakery near my house. It is a sweet creation of orange, coconut, and creams that mimic my experience of the bakery and the orange macaroon I enjoy there.


Torte De Pistaccio “Pistachio Cake” – My second build while reminiscing about another visit to my local bakery. It is a sweet creation of Pistachio, coconut, creams, and chocolate cream that mimic my experience of the bakery and their pistachio macaroon.


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