Flat Kanthal A1 - 10 metres X .5mm X .1mm


The flat Kanthal wire not only shares the same features with round wire, but also has advantages over round wire.
1. Produces More Vapor. Get more vapor from each draw. There is more contact area between the heat source and whatever is being heated.
2. Easier to Wind. The flat shape of the wire makes it much easier to wrap around and cover the wick.
3. Eliminates Hot Spots A common issue that occurs when winding coils on atomizers is areas of uneven heating, or "hot spots." Hot spots can significantly shorten the coil life. They cause parts of the coil to expand and contract at different rates, which wears out the coil much more quickly.
It can be frustrating to find a hot spot after taking the time to carefully wind a coil. Flat ribbon wire makes this less likely to happen.

1. Higher max temperature in air
2. Higher surface load
3. Higher resistivity
4. Higher yield strength
5. 2-4x longer life than Nichrome
6. Better oxidation properties
7. Lower density

Material: Kanthal A1           
Size: Thickness 0.1mm;Width 0.5mm
Approximate round wire equivalent: 31 AWG
Resistance (Ohms/ft. @ room temp): 9.2

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